Central Oregon Matsutake Season

Jerry mycowrld at cdsnet.net
Fri Sep 26 00:58:59 EST 1997

The Winema National Forest (Klamath Falls, OR, USA) now has a web page,
that should be updated weekly, on the status of the matsutake season in
central Oregon.  It includes statistics on commercial permits that have
been sold as well as rough estimates of prices to pickers and other
info.  Check it out via:


I spoke with some buyers in Chemult this afternoon, before the pickers
started coming in.  They were talking about starting out with prices at
$8/lb for #1 matsutake, but thought they might get as high at $12 or
$14.  That's about where prices have been all season.  Apparently the
Japanese holidays are past so prices will be soft for at least a couple
more weeks.  Reports from the picker camps indicate about 1,100 people
at the camp near Crescent Lake Junction (it's full) and about 100 at the
camp near Chemult (room for 400 more).  I went through both camps
today.  All was quiet, very neat and tidy.  The concessionaire running
the camp says the people have been great.  Lots of mushrooms out there. 
Sounds like typical pickers are getting 3-4 pounds per day and having a
great time.

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