Cantharellus formosus?

BPickel1 bpickel1 at
Sun Sep 28 15:23:36 EST 1997

I supposed you could have got cantharellus lutescens:
Mycologic literature in Germany, my home country, describes two
cantharelli with significant hollow stem. C. tubaeformis is quite
frequently found in forests and swamps of southern germany, But I guess it
is not the cantharellus you´ve found, because C. tubaeformis does not smell
and its head is of rather dark brown color quite different from other
cabtharelli.. That´s why I believe you´ve got C. lutescens, a cantharellus
with significant hollow stem in colors similar to those of C. cibarius and
with a strong caracteristic "fruity" odor  remembering plums ( instead of
the apricot odor of c. cibarius). 
C. lutescens is reported to be found in mountainous regions in coniferous
forests. So it is not astonishing for me that you´ve found it in a
mountanious national forest in the US.
C. lutescens is reported to be eatable and good. 


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