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> : Also found a dead bird, presumably an owl...
> One place to start is to call the local Federal or State Fish & Game
> department. You might also try contacting your local university and see if
> they have a bird banding program.  Sometimes there is a phone number on the
> band, sometimes an address, sometimes neither.  They don't make it easy for
> you to help! There are many organizations that participate in banding but
> Fish and Game is still a good starting point. That bird may have been
> privately owned and tagged by its owner.

Update on dead owl. On Tuesday, contacted landowner who said she would be
on the property on Saturday (Sept. 27). Late Saturday, got call saying no
carcass found. On Sunday, Sept. 28 went to site and found only scattered
feathers, with a feather trail leading off to the Northwest about 30
feet. Presume an animal found the carcass, which two weeks ago was
already rather ripe, and escaped with aged meat. Isn't it wonderful how
nature recycles? Too bad it carried the band away also.

The good news is that in 2.5 hours, two people uncovered about 4 pounds
of tasty tubers, better known as Oregon White truffles.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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