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> I will be visiting the Portland, Oregon area late in October.  Can anyone
> suggest areas were I might foray for some fungi?  I am interest in
> photographic and gastronomic rewards.

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Welcome to God's gift to fungi(s). Portland may be dreary, overcast, full
of trees and mushrooms, but some of us like it that way! Places to
prospect for fungi include: Mount Hood National Forest, less than an hour
away; Forest Park, one of the largest city parks in the world; Mt. Tabor
Park in SE Portland, where the cognizant find abundant canine coprophytic
fungi; and Clackamas County, only 25 minutes from Portland International
Airport, which hosts more Christmas trees than can be found in most
states at Christmas. I have found tree farms to be especially
interesting, if mostly monocultural, habitats for hypogeous fungi. And a
few years ago, I tried inoculating with Oregon White truffles with rather
good success!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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