Mushroom cultures - Suppliers needed in Germany.

Thomas Ziegler Biologische.Pilze at
Fri Sep 26 16:29:43 EST 1997

On Tue, 23 Sep 1997  Thilo Muller <Thilo at> wrote:
>We are looking for mushroom culture suppliers in Germany. 
>If possible with E-Mail addresses.
Thilo, what cultures are you looking for?

There is a paper called Hanfblatt in Germany: In its September '97
edition (-according to a friend) there were these firms cited:

Magic Mexican Mushrooms +49 281 89341 fon      89346 fax
Sweet smoke                       +49 89  2780 423      3165150
Tiefenrausch at   +49 5405 94444
Pflanzen der Goetter           +49 4205 8748

And there was an article that says that Stropharia cuben(i?)sis
(containing psilocybin and psilocin) poses a gap in law: It seems that
presently in Germany this shroom is not cited on a list of forbidden
plants: It may be grown but not harvested, dried or treated further...

An Organic Farm (BIOLAND) is Th.Assheuer-D.Juergens at 
As far as I know growing NO psycho-actives- but shiitake and oyster:
Bioland Pilzzucht Dagmar Juergens, D-51570 Windeck,
Bureau fon/fax +49 2292 7194 , Farm: +49 2681 70739

And finally our Organic Mushroom Farm
-We are  growing some shrooms but NO psycho-actives!
Thomas Ziegler, Biologische.Pilze,
D-97892 Unterwittbach, Germany, Europe
Bureau/Lab: fon +49 9391 916105, fax +49 9391 1033
Farm:       fon +49 9342 85277 , fax +49 9342 85270
eMail: Biologische.Pilze at

!!!To answer to our post remove the '0' in our adress!!!

And when I finally find the time to establish it:
-intend to put useful Info on our web-site
to help other small organic shroom farms.
If you have something to share send us an eMail...

We are a small organic mushroom farm, member of ANOG,
which is member of AGOEL, which is member of IFOAM

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