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> For those not living in Oregon, is that Eugene, Portland....?

For those not living in Oregon, Tigard is about 6 miles south of Portland
along the I-5 corridor. Thus the show is actually closer to downtown
Portland than the airport.

However, for our out-of-town guests, if entering via Portland
International Airport, direct your car south on I-205 to I-5, turn north,
take the 2nd Tigard exit, and turn left. Follow your nose and the
white-painted mushroom show signs to the Tigard Armory.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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> >The 47th Annual Wild Mushroom Show, sponsored by the Oregon Mycological
> >Society, will be held October 12, 1997 at the Tigard National Guard Armory
> >at 6700 SW Oak (off 99W between I-5 & 217). Hundreds of mushrooms from
> >oregon and SW Washington will be displayed in a naturalistic setting and
> >identified with common and scientific names, habitat and edibility. There
> >will also be cooking demonstrations, mushroom books and guides,
> >identification table, mushroom art, photo exhibit/slide show, mushrooms as
> >dyes, truffle exhibit, and cultivation materials.
> >
> >For more information, please contact dwheeler at
> >
> >Daniel B. Wheeler
> >

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