To Dan Wheeler

kyosai at kyosai at
Wed Apr 1 13:01:32 EST 1998

Hello from Japan!

I`ve finally figured out how to contact you through this newsgroup.

I am an American living in Japan and am currently doing my best to learn all
I can about the cultivation of Black Truffles (t.melanosporum) in the U.S.

I have been in contact with Garland GM, Dr. Hall and most of the French and
Italian sites on the net for the past 6 months. Needless to say, the amount
of specific information on the cultivation of truffles is scarce. I am hoping
that you will be able to help and guide me in my endeavor.

My dream is to one day start a truffiere somewhere in North/Central

 From all of the postings that I have read you seem to be one of the most
qualified people to ask. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and patience.

My first question: How do I contact the North American Truffling Society?
My second: Are you aware of any current truffle cultivators in California?
           If so, would you happen to know how I may contact them?

That`s it for now. Thanks again. And thanks to anyone else who may be able to
lend me an electronic hand.

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