want to trade mushroom cultures with us?

artgou at apex.net artgou at apex.net
Thu Apr 9 12:43:30 EST 1998

attn: culture bank now open

see my short list at bottom of page
i will be adding some more soon

to those of you that let me know that you were wanting
to trade cultures i am now ready

send me a note by e-mail or slow mail and i will send you a
postage paid box to send the culture back to us let me know
 what you want and if i have it i will send it if not
i will try to trade for it and also send a list of what you have
to trade

you can send the culture to us in any form
culture tube, petri dish, grain spawn, or sawdust

i will send cultures out in a glass
culture tube 16 x 150 mm

if any one sends a culture they will have a choice of getting one
by picking it from the list*  then or later at no cost i will pay

note*  the list is not very long at this time but we will have some
       to add soon

 anyone that does not trade a culture will have pay $7.50 to cover
the cost of shipping, culture tube, agar and the labor to culture it

artgou at apex.net

attn: cultures
p.o box 5
west paducah, ky. 42086

stropharia   rugoso-annulata
black morel  morchella elata
true morel   morchella esculenta
maitake      grifola frondosa

chicken of
the woods    polyporus sulphureus
shiitake     lentinula edodes


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