Protection against ochratoxin appearence

Panagiotis Konstantinidis valve at
Tue Apr 14 10:18:21 EST 1998

During standard testing against standard mycotoxins, ochratoxin A was
detected on a roasted & salted pumpkin seeds sample (for human
consumption). Simultaneously aflatoxin was not detectable at all (less
than 0.2ppb).
Unfortunately the quantity in question had not been tested when raw
(before mixing with salt water and roasting), so we do not know whether
ochratoxin was produced in the field or during storage (which lasted ca.
30 days).
What are the precautions that must be taken, so that ochratoxin is not
bulit up again in other pumpkin seed quantities? What are the humidity
and temperature combinations which do not promote ochratoxin-producing
fungi growth?
Is it possible that our storage areas may be infected with
ochratoxin-producing fungi?
Are there any fungicides to be used in the storage areas (not on the
product for human consumption)?
Can anyone, please, help?

Panagiotis Konstantinidis

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