Michigan Update

daedalus daedalus at MCIONE.com
Tue Apr 14 23:29:09 EST 1998

Quick update on Michigan Mushrooms...

Morels are starting to come up right now...  I picked 2 dozen Verpa
Bohemica's yesterday, and 9 more last Saturday...   Fellow hunters reported
a few Black Morels a bit north of Detroit, but a day of hunting only turned
up 6 of them...  This weekend should be a bit better...  

Found a young Polysporus Squamosus yesterday....  another sure sign of
morel season...  

We're hoping to see more black Morels up this weekend.....I guess we can
thank El Nino for something!

Michael and Heather 
Daedalus at mcione.com

Detroit, MI 

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