What happened to the Chanterelles

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> Greetings,
> I live on the central coast of California and have been enjoying the
> bountiful chanterelle harvest here for nearly 10 years. This year,
> however, some of my "never miss" spots failed to turn up one mushroom
> despite well-above-average rainfall.
> Does anyone have any idea why? If so please e-mail me at: rcrawfor at slonet.org
You probably have Cantharellus formosus on the California coast. According to
the Oregon Mycological Society Chanterelle Study Project, there is a strong
correlation between chanterelle production and rainfall, but not during

The fruiting of chanterelles in California is notably different from anywhere
else in the US. Thus the data probably won't correlate well. In the Bullrun
Watershed of Oregon, there appears to be a strong correlation between the
total rainfall in May, and chanterelle production in August-November. Thus in
your area, there may be a correlation between rainfall four months prior to
normal chanterelle production (December-February?). Then again, strategic
rainfall for your area may be another time. Perhaps you need to initiate a
chanterelle study project of your own in conjunction with a local mycological

Daniel B. Wheeler

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