What happened to the Chanterelles

Greg Breyta NEWNEWS at almaden.ibm.com
Sat Apr 18 10:02:53 EST 1998

Ron Crawford wrote:

> Greetings,
> I live on the central coast of California and have been enjoying the
> bountiful chanterelle harvest here for nearly 10 years. This year,
> however, some of my "never miss" spots failed to turn up one mushroom
> despite well-above-average rainfall.
> Does anyone have any idea why? If so please e-mail me at: rcrawfor at slonet.org
> Much thanks...

Ron:  Interesting post.  I am also a CenCal chantrelle studier for about the same
amount of time.  Unfortuantely, I have not  been to most of my historical
"patches" this winter, partly due to the weather.  These include N. Coast (many
places above SF), along with areas in the E. Bay (old stomping grounds).  Several
years back I moved a bit south to the San Jose area, and was dissapointed to find
that many of the same types of habitat that elsewhere would most certaintly
turned up chantrelles were empty.  I had attributed this to the increased
dryness  in this area.  However, this year I have finally turned up several
patches for the first time, possibly due to the extremely wet winter?  Possibly
chantrelles have a defined "window of wetness" wherein they fruit?  I would guess
that the amount of rain some of the areas I found chantrelles this year would
roughly equate with some normal N. Coast amounts in fairly normal years.  Of
course, now I need to wait until some relatively dry years come along to test my

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