Shiitake spawn suppliers in Europe

Thomas Ziegler Biologische.Pilze at
Mon Apr 20 00:15:58 EST 1998

gilla at wrote.
>> I'm looking for shiitake sawdust spawn suppliers in Europe (Small
>> quantities!). Can anyone help me? ...Gianni Viglino
On 16 Apr 1998 trygve.gulbrandsen at wrote:
>If you come over someone, I would like to know.  Until now, I haven't
>succeeded in locating anyone in Europe.  It is easier to obtain it from the U.S.
Friends, we are a small organic mushroom farm in Germany but develop
our own strains, spawn, substrates, shooms and market them regionally
as prapared dishes at exibitions, feasts etc. too...
What do you need?, Thomas

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