Phyllosphere and phylloplane

Pablo Pereira pablo.pereira at
Fri Apr 24 16:06:57 EST 1998

Hello colleges

Sorry for my bad English but I will try to explain me
In my lab, our research team is investigating some aspects of the
microbial diversity (epiphytic and endophytics fungi) in leaves of some
Mediterranean plants. In the literature I had verify that the concepts
of phyllosphere and phylloplane are confusing. Generally, phylloplane is
define as the surface of a leaf, I agree, but phyllosphere is define as
synonym of phylloplane or as the region immediately surrounding and
influenced by a leaf (?..).
This concepts are analogous from the root expression rhizoplane and
rizosphere. But in this case the rizosphere exists because there is a
physical support surraunding the root while in the leaf not.
Does anybody know the correct concept for phyllosphere and phylloplane?

Thank you in advance


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