seeking advice on Pichia Canadensis cultivation

George Trager george_trager at
Sat Apr 25 10:11:52 EST 1998

I am attempting to set up an assay system for topoisomerase I inhibitors consisting 
of a "lawn" of yeast on a petri dish of medium.

I came across a reference that utilized this species (aka. Hansenula 
somethingorother) for assaying a topoI inhibitor in tissue, from 1968, so I believe 
it to be susceptible to topoI inhibition (unlike Saccharomyces, which seems to 
work its way around this).

Mostly what I'm seeking is some advice on appropriate growth medium and 
temperature, from someone who has some experience with Pichia, as I have none.

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

George Trager
Drug Delivery Research Department
Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc.
george_trager at

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