it must be spring

Michel CHEMARIN chemarin at
Thu Apr 30 11:05:13 EST 1998

Just to tell you that "Lepista nuda" in Spring is not so exceptional.
I know one station, here around Geneva, where since a few years
I regulary find some carpophores. (still not this year)

Edwin Hutton wrote:
> frenesi wrote:
> >
> > just found today in lovely santa cruz county california:
> > two more alas!
> > been about 5 years since i last found morels round here, these were in a
> > natural habitat, the previous ones were in landscaping with woodchips.
> > be going to the mountains soon, i can feel it!
> > zoyd
> You are lucky. Here in the S.E. UK after a VERY cold Easter I found some
> Lepista Nuda (wood blewits, a purple edible and aromatic mushroom)
> yesterday. This is a winter species, generally at its best in November
> December January. April is a ridiculous month for these.
> Also throughout the winter one site has frequently produced
> Agaricus Haemorrhoidarius (including yesterday). Something very weird
> is happening to the timing of some species this winter.

> Fortunately the spring species Calocybe Gambosum (known here as St.
> Georges mushroom) has appeared at about the right time.
> I only wish we got morels. I have only seen one in nine years hunting.
> Edwin Hutton.

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