Making Compost For Agarius

Thomas Ziegler Biologische.Pilze at
Mon Aug 3 16:40:30 EST 1998

In article <35C49B0D.AAA9103C at>,
  traverse at wrote:
> Would something like this work on a small scale for composting horse
> manure for white button mushrooms?   Is the volume of the barrel enough
> to create the heat necessary?  Would any aterations make it work?  Here
> are the plans:...

well, did i misunderstand or is data missing?? good idea at that page
anyway!!!, will build it in our homepage..., my opinion: works fine if you a.
inulate it well enough to keep the heat  (-normally you need minimum
diameter:1.2mE3)  b. ensure that it although gets enough oxigen!! see our <A
HREF=""> homepage </A> thomas

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