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Charles Woloshuk woloshuk at
Thu Aug 6 13:32:32 EST 1998

Postdoctoral postions is available beginning September 1, 1998, to study =
the molecular biology of aflatoxin biosynthesis. Aflatoxins are secondary =
metabolites produced in food sources by Aspergillus flavus. A. flavus =
strain 649 has a mutated afl-1 locus. Diploids formed between strain 649 =
and aflatoxigenic strains do not produce aflatoxin, indicating the =
dominant nature of the mutation. We discovered a genomic DNA deletion at =
the afl-1 locus that is greater than 150 kb and includes the entire =
aflatoxin biosynthesis cluster. The goal of this project is to determine =
the mechanism responsible for the dominant phenotype associated with afl-1.=
  The specific objectives are:  1) To isolate and characterize the DNA at =
the deletion break-junction region in strain 649, and 2) to determine what =
involvement the regulatory gene aflR has in the repression phenotype.  We =
will use Amplified Restriction Fragment Polymorphism (AFLP) techniques to =
isolate probes specific to the deletion region in strain 649. Send =
curriculum vitae and three reference to Charles Woloshuk, Purdue =
University, Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology, 1155 Lilly Hall, West =
Lafayette, IN 47907.  Email: woloshuk at

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