Postdoctoral Position Functions of A. nidulans chitin synthases

Peter T. Borgia pborgia at
Thu Aug 13 01:13:24 EST 1998

A position will be available for a POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW TO STUDY THE
MOLECULAR and cellular biology of the multiple chitin synthases of
Aspergillus nidulans.   The position will be funded by a recent HIH
grant that I received and will start on August 1 of this year.  Five
chitin synthase genes from A. nidulans have been disrupted and the
null mphenotype characterized.  Our recent papers concern three of the
genes.  The references are: 

Specht C.A., Y. Liu, P. W. Robbins, C. E. Bulawa, N. Iartchouk,  K. R.
Winter, P. J. Riggle, J. C. Rhodes, C. L. Dodge, D. W. Culp and P.T.
Borgia. 1996.  The chsD and chsE genes from Aspergillus nidulans and
their roles in chitin synthesis.  Fungal Genetics and Biology. 20:

Borgia, P.T., N. Iartchouk, P.J. Riggle, K.R. Winter, Y. Koltin and
C.E. Bulawa. 1996.  The chsB gene from Aspergillus nidulans is
necessary for normal hyphal growth and development.  Fungal Genetics
and Biology.  20: 193-203.

Many questions about the functions of the genes/enzymes remain and 
these are of interest to fungal morphogenesis, development ans well 
as to the development of antifugal drugs.  The postdoctoral 
postdoctoral position that is available will concentrate cell and 
molecular biology of the chsD and/or chsB genes and their products.   

The position will pay approximately $22,000 plus fringe benefits 
(health insurance, etc) and funds are available for five years, 
although an individual might not choose to stay for the entire 

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is located in
Springfield, IL.  Springfield is a medium sized midwestern city of
100,000 population.  It is the largest city in about a 75 mile radius
and is the state capital.  It is located in a rich agricultural area.
The medical school is located away form the main university campus.
The closest major cities are St Louis Missouri (90 miles) and Chicago
Illinois (180 miles).  

Individuals interested in the position are urged to submit inquiries
to me at my e-mail address.

Peter T. Borgia
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Southern Illinois University 
School of Medicine
Springfield, IL 62794-1220

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