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Cheol-Sik Yoon csyoon at
Thu Aug 13 08:44:16 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

I'm trying to identifiy some arthropod-pathogenic fungi species. And I
need two key papers. But I can't find them in my countury.
If you have them, please help me.
The papers are : Keller, S. (1987) Arthropod-pathogenic Entomophthorales

of Switzerland. I. Conidioboulus, Entomophaga, and Entomophthora.
Sydowia 40, 122-167
Keller, S. (1991) Arthropod-pathogenic entomophthorales of Switzerland.
II. Erynia, Eryniopsis, Neozygites, Zoophthora, and Tarichium. Sydowia
43, 39-122

Best Regards, Cheol-Sik Yoon

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