P. betulinus

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at ic.ac.uk
Thu Aug 13 08:44:19 EST 1998

Mycos wrote:
> Recently went through Frazer's "The Golden Bough ",  and found a
> reference to a mushroom that went by the name of "Baran" in a place
> called Norrland which I'm assuming is an old name for a scandinavian
> country. This mushroom was used in a pagan ritual to repel trolls and
> other characters of the local mythology. Does anybody have any idea
> what the botanical name for this fungus might be ?.
This is only a guess, but the mushroom most associated with magic that
grows with birch in northern countries is Amanita Muscaria. Shamans
have been using it for centuries (millenia) all over the northern
hemisphere due to its intoxicating and hallucinogenic properties.

I would be interested if you find anything more definite.

Edwin Hutton.

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