water desinfection

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Fri Aug 14 01:24:42 EST 1998

Provincial Research and Advisory Centre for Agriculture and Horticulture
Ieperseweg 87,   B-8800 Rumbeke (Beitem)   BELGIUM 
(near Roeselare in the Province West-Flanders,   at the sea-side)
Tel.  0032 - 51-261400         Fax.  0032 - 51-24 00 20

The mushroom department of the Rechearch Centre is looking for information on proces water 
threatment to re-use this water in mushroom cultures
The threatments we are looking for, has to reduce the microbioloical contamination ( bacteria, 
fungi) and the pesticides concentration ( carbendazym, prochloraz, diflubenzuron, deltamethrin, 
diazinon,  ...) in the spend water.
Is there some information availible on it ?

Patrick Sedeyn

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