Examples of common basidiomycetes fungi?

Phil jorge2 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 15 17:35:04 EST 1998

olav vestrheim wrote:
> I have made a (short) taxaonomic overview of basidiomycetes and I'd like
> to make it a little more fancy with references to some common fungi
> especially in the subgroup Hymenomycetes, but Gasteromycetes,
> Urendinomycetes and Ustilaginomycetes may also be of interest. Do anyone
> have any suggestion of fungi to be mentioned as common or of commercial
> interest?  Or a good reference?
> Yours sincerely: Olav Vestrheim


Many folks believe that the Malassezia yeasts are basidiomycetous
(Lodder included, but not yet demonstrated).  These are part of the
normal human flora (prob. obligate parasites) and arguable responsible
for dandruff.

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