Agaricus argenteus and Cantharellus cybarina

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Wed Aug 19 08:51:37 EST 1998

Andreas Gminder wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> a friend of mine, collector of stamps, asked me about two species of
> fungi which have been on some recently recieved stamps of the Grenadine
> Islands.
> Now he wants to have further informations on these species, which I have
> never heared of.
> Perhaps someone can provide me with more information regarding author,
> descriptions etc. Every hint is greatly welcome!

My guesses due only to common-ness of species and similarity of name:-
> 1. Agaricus argenteus
Agaricus Arvensis (in UK horse mushroom)
> Judging from the illustration on the stamp, it should be a true Agaricus
> in the today's sense (blackbrown gills, whitish basidiocarp)
> 2. Cantharelluy cybarina
Cantharellus cibarius (Chanterelle)
> ???
> Thank you for your help!
> Andreas Gminder - Stuttgart - Germany

Edwin Hutton.

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