Boletus Edulis found this weekend!!

Daver dog- at
Mon Aug 24 13:22:22 EST 1998

I went out on a little hike this weekend to break in some new hiking boots
and do some fly fishing as well.  Along the creek trail, I turned a corner
and saw a HUGE King Bolete.  I hadn't even considered finding any
mushrooms on this trip so it was a nice suprise.  Needless to say, fishing
took a back seat while I spent the next couple of hours looking for more
boletes.  I didn't find anymore that day but I manage to spook a bear in
the brush!!  (I think I was the one who was more spooked by the
encounter.  Yikes!)
Anyway, I found the little piggie at approximately 6500 ft. elevation in
the central Sierra Nevada Mts. of California.  A friend who was
backbacking along the So. San Joachin river (farther to the south) last
week reported seeing several boletes at the same elevation.
The bolete was in really good condition, no bugs and the pores were just
slightly yellow.  The thing weighed about a kilogram.  Yow!  I had a nice
sauteed porcini omlet this morning and I've got the rest in the

Hmmmm.... I think that those boots need a bit more breaking-in.  Guess
where I'm going next weekend!!

Oh yeah, I did manage to catch and release a few nice wild rainbows. 
Whatta day...

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