How to make a librery

Greg GMEYER at
Sun Aug 30 16:31:09 EST 1998

Greetings netters
I'm looking for a protocol to create a library of a fungi genom in
yeast. Any ref would be welcome. I know very little about fungi but i'm
ok with molecular biology

Hi Yoram,

Why in yeast?  Fungal genomes tend to the smaller side, lamda gt10 ought 
to work nicely.  Chance of recombination in yeast of the library, esp. 
if constructed from a "relative" seems not worth the risk, of course you 
have probably already assessed these difficulties.  Hebrew U. ought to 
have a copy of one of the many flavors of yeast molecular bio. books.  
If the YAC procedure isn't there, pull it from the database where it was 
most recently used in a Cell or EMBO research article.

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