Macrolepiota and mykorrhiza

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Fri Dec 4 00:56:46 EST 1998

A report on Morchella being mycorrhizal appeared in Germany around 1992
when it was found as an ectomycorhizal symbiont of Abies in some nursery.
In my own paper describing M. herediana, usually found in and around
artificial plantations of Cupressus lusitanicus, I suggested it could be
facultative as I could see no hard evidence of mycorrhization.

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>> Mr. Wheeler,
>> Please expand on what you have said about Morchella being mycorrhizal. I
>> have not heard about this.
>> Thanks,
>> Scott Mcphee
>I got the news from Nancy Smith-Weber. I believe she said it was from a
>recent issue of either McIlvainea or the proceedings from the recent
>international conference on mycorrhiza. I didn't see the actual citation. But
>I have not known her to be wrong.
>Daniel B. Wheeler
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