Queen's mushrooms

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at ic.ac.uk
Fri Dec 4 00:56:56 EST 1998

In the UK Times newspaper on Monday 30th Nov 1998 there was an article
about the grounds of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II's central
London residence. This appears to be quite a haven for wildlife, and in
particular hosts two previously unknown fungi.

Panaeolus Atrobalteatus occurs in profusion (3000 caps) in a bed of
bushes. From the B/W drawing in the paper it is a typical panaeolus
with a rather flat cap, and is ~ 3 inches tall. It is suspected that
may have been imported with wood mulch from abroad.

Melanospora pegleri occurs on fallen laurel leaves and appears as 
yellowish orange pimples. (Dr.David Pegler is a former Kew Gardens
fungi scientist.)

Identification (and presumably naming) done by members of the
Mycological Society who were included in the Palace Gardens survey team.
Two names mentioned are Professor David Hawksworth and Alick Hendrici.

A URL to get the links to the news in the web version of the paper is:
 From there select BRITAIN and then the article
'Mystery at bottom of Queen's secret garden'

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