Morchella and mykorrhiza

zoyd frenesi at
Mon Dec 7 10:05:41 EST 1998

Scott Mcphee wrote:
> I think what you have mentioned about scaring them into fruiting is very
> reasonable, and quite likely, but:
> I have to wonder about the rumored occurance of Morels growing in barbeques.
> And their cultivation in trays at Morel Mountain?
> On my father's property in SW Oregon, black morels (elata group) grow in
> spots where huge slash piles were burned the previous spring. These are
> intense fires that can last several days. I would doubt that anything could
> survive under them. I know that morels form underground sclerotia that could
> survive a light burn, but could they survive an intense prolonged fire right
> on top of them?
> I've also been chatting with a fellow from Costa Rica since this thread
> began, and he spoke of the possibility of faculative mycorrhizae and/or
> mycorrhizae through an intermediate fungus.
> Regards,
> Scott
> Basidium wrote in message <19981202123044.05790.00001169 at>...
> >Scott Mcphee <hyphae at> posted as follows:
> >
> >"This would be suprising in the case of burn site morels where there is
> very
> >little or no plant growth in the area."
> >
> >The theory, widely considered, is that Morchella spp. are mycorrhizal, and
> that
> >the death of the host tree triggers formation of ascocarps (the mycelium
> >reproduces when its own life is in danger).
> >
> >This would be consistent with the burn-site phenomenon, as well as with the
> >morel bonanzas we get with dead/dying elm and apple trees.
> >
> >
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just curious, but might it not be possible that a species could  survive
both mychorrhizally  and not...taking advantage of
its situation at the time?
growing in  ashes and trays when necessary, amongst trees as a
i know there is no precedent for this...but might it not be possible?

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