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>I have to wonder about the rumored occurance of Morels growing in barbeques.
>And their cultivation in trays at Morel Mountain?

Not a rumor.  However, the "morels in the barbeque" was done by a student of
Paul Stamets.  Sorry, no photos of it.  However, Paul's techniques are
fairly rigorous and should be easily repeatable.

>On my father's property in SW Oregon, black morels (elata group) grow in
>spots where huge slash piles were burned the previous spring. These are
>intense fires that can last several days. I would doubt that anything could
>survive under them. I know that morels form underground sclerotia that could
>survive a light burn, but could they survive an intense prolonged fire right
>on top of them?

Black Morels are pioneer organisms. They thrive in the near sterile
conditions formed in the wake of the fire.  As morel mycelium can grow up to
four inches per day, it's quite likely that the mycelium didn't originate
>From within the burn.

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