Preserving Candida cultures

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Wed Dec 9 17:29:28 EST 1998

I have several procedures for the preservation of fungi in our procedure
which is freely available at

in Adobe PDF format

In our lab, we grow the organism in PDA (potato dextrose)slants for a
couple of days
and then freeze at -70c,  some people do it at -20 and its ok too.
Some people may prefer using SDA (Saboraud) but I just do not
like it for preserving fungi.

To regrow them you just take the culture from the freezer and
chip the ice containing the fungus , transferring the ice/fungus
to a new medium, and then move the culture back to the freezer
not allowing it to thaw, your fresh subculture will grow in a couple of
This method works well with almost all fungi that you may isolate
in a clinical, veterinary or environmental laboratory

Marlene Czarnecki wrote:
> I need to preserve (preferably freeze) Candida isolates for future
> studies.  Do you have any information?
> Thanks,
> Marlene

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