Morchella and mykorrhiza

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Wed Dec 9 17:29:54 EST 1998

Mykorrhiza in Morchella has been studied by François Buscot, who, 1990-94
and perhaps later, published several papers on this subject. According to
there are two ecological strategies: 1) a "stratégie pionnière" when
Morchella invades as a saprophyte on recently disturbed soils, and 2) a
"stratégie pérenne" when Morchella has established a double saprophytic and
mykorrhizal relation to roots in a stable ecosystem. (Buscot: "Stratégie
ecologiques et biologiques des morilles." Cryptogamie, Mycol. 1992,
13:171-179. His studies appear convincing. Among other things he has
identified several types of ectomycorrhiza between Morchella elata and
spruce, and in the formation of these a primary heterobasidiomycete
mykorrhiza was involved (Buscot. Mycorrhiza 1994, 4: 223-232).

Lennart Gidholm

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