Winter Meeting - NE Section/SIM

Theodore C. Crusberg crusberg at WPI.EDU
Thu Dec 31 17:25:10 EST 1998

    New England Section of the Society for Industrial Microbiology

                        Winter Meeting

Date:	Tuesday, February 2, 1999
Place:	Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research (MIT), 9 Cambridge 	
        Center, Cambridge, MA
Registration:	1:30 pm in Lobby
Opening of the Scientific Session:  2:00 pm in Auditorium

                    Program & Speakers:

1.  Dr. Bing Wong, Biopure, Cambridge, MA. "Hemopure, a Room
Temperature-Stable Oxygen Therapeutic and Blood Substitute"

2.  Dr. Kim Stutzman-Engwall, Pfizer Central research, Groton, CT. 
"Streptomyces avermitilis Genes Involved in Biosynthesis of Avermectins"

3.  Dr. A. Lincoln Sonenshein, Tufts Univ. Health Sciences Center, Dept.
Molec. Biology, Boston, MA.  "Unexpected Roles of Krebs Cycle Enzymes in
Bacillus subtilus sporulation"

         Reception & Dinner, Whitehead Caferia:  5:30 pm

The public is invited to attend the presentation free of charge.
You and your guests are welcome at the Reception and Dinner but we must
have your reservations.  Please send your check to Dr. Arnold Demain,
Dept. of Biology, 68-223, MIT, Cambridge, MA 02139.  Please make your
check out to New England Section of SIM.  Members and Guests @ $30,
Students @ $15.

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Ted C. Crusberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology &
Biotechnology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA USA  01609
Society for Industrial Microbiology-Education Committee, Treasurer, New
England Section of SIM
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