Irritating spam from mushroom list

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Wed Feb 4 17:05:40 EST 1998

Several people have complained about getting spam on "New Mushroom
Growers List." For your information, this list has nothing to do with
the bionet.mycology/MYCOLOGY newsgroup mailing list (for those who get
postings by mail rather than use their web browsers). 

Indeed, I have made a comparison of the names on the "New Mushroom
Growers List" and the MYCOLOGY mailing list, and discovered only two
overlaps.  (Though aliases that someone may have retained after moving
>From one university to another might possibly account for a few more).
I have no idea where the Mushroom Growers List comes from.  Please do
not send anti-spam replies to the MYCOLOGY newsgroup, nor expect us to
know what to do with complaints about this list. MYCOLOGY is moderated
for spam, and generally prevents its subscribers from getting such
junk mail.

Thank you,
Serge Taylor
BioSci Administrator

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