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Fri Feb 6 01:18:46 EST 1998

I am forwarding this message for Prof. Lyne Sigler. Please reply
to her if you have questions about this seminar

Continuing Education Course

Thursday, June 25, 1998
Medical Mycology Workshop consisting of lectures and laboratory on
"Clinical and Environmental Molds,"presented by Lynne Sigler at the
University of Alberta campus immediately following the CSMLS National
Congress being held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. To receive a
brochure, phone or fax Anna Strand, Devonian Botanic Garden, Edmonton, @
PH: 1-403-987-3054; FX 1-403-987-4141. Direct inquiries concerning
content to Prof. Lynne Sigler @ PH 1-403-987-4811 or email
lynne.sigler at 
Lynne Sigler, Curator & Assoc. Prof.
UA Microfungus Collection & Herbarium (UAMH)
Devonian Botanic Garden, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2E1
Phone: (403) 987-4811  Fax: (403) 987-4141
e-mail: lynne.sigler at

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Medical Mycology Research Center -Pathology
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas

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