Cordyceps cultures

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Fri Feb 6 01:18:52 EST 1998

Ville Tuomi wrote:
> Has anyone any information about where to get Cordyceps species? I'd
> need a starting culture of C. sinensis or C.militaris to do some
> research with.
> Thanks for help

Made a search in ATCC and found the following cultures

Your query was: 

The selected databases contain 14 documents matching your query: 

1: Organism: Cordyceps memorabilis Cesati Comments: See 
2: Organism: Cordyceps sinclairii Kobayasi Comments: See 
3: Organism: Isaria sinclairii (Berkeley) Lloyd Comments: 
4: Organism: Paecilomyces farinosus (Holm : Fries) Brown e 
5: ATCC Number: 34164 Organism: Cordyceps militaris (Lin 
6: ATCC Number: 66779 Organism: Cordyceps brongniartii S 
7: ATCC Number: 34178 Organism: Cordyceps aphodii Mathie 
8: ATCC Number: 34165 Organism: Cordyceps militaris (Lin 
9: ATCC Number: 36743 Organism: Cordyceps memorabilis Ce 
10: ATCC Number: 36744 Organism: Cordyceps memorabilis Ce 
11: ATCC Number: 36865 Organism: Cordyceps ophioglossoide 
12: ATCC Number: 36337 Organism: Cordyceps sp. Depositor 
13: ATCC Number: 34498 Organism: Cordyceps gracilis (Grev 
14: ATCC Number: 26848 Organism: Cordyceps militaris (Lin 

It use to be very easy for us in the US to mail out cultures
in the own USA and abroad, but due to new regulations, it has become
a very painful process. 
You may want to contact ATCC for prices of cultures or contact
CABI or CBS or any of the other culture collections available from

Culture Collections

The Microbial Strain Data Network, the World Data Center on
Microorganisms, and the Microbial
Germplasm Database compile data for many different collections. The
following list provides direct
links to online collections; more detailed information is provided

Quick links to online culture collections

     All Russian Collection of Microorganisms (via MSDN) 
     ATCC. American Type Culture Collection (Rockville, MD, USA) 
     ARS Systematic Mycology Lab culture collection (Beltsville, MD,
     BEG. Banque Européenne des Glomales 
     BCCM. Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms 
     Brazilian culture collections of fungi and yeasts 
     CBS. Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (Baarn, The Netherlands) 
     CCFC. Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures (Ottawa, Canada) 
     CCBAS. Culture Collection of Basidiomycetes (Prague, Czech
     FGSC. Fungal Genetics Stock Center (Kansas City, USA) 
     GPDATA. Soil-borne fungi (Inst. of Arable Crops Res., Rothamsted,
     IMI. International MycologicaI Institute (Surrey, U.K.) 
     INVAM. Arbuscular and VA mycorrhizal fungi (W. Virginia, USA) 
     Microbial Information Network of China 
     UAMH. University of Alberta Microfungus Collection: cultures 
     UPSC. Uppsala University's culture collection (Sweden) 

Hope this helps!


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Medical Mycology Research Center -Pathology
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