Pachylepyrium species

Andreas Gminder agminder at
Sun Feb 8 23:25:48 EST 1998

Can anyone help me with information about descriptions/literature of
Pachylepyrium species, except P. funariophilum?
We found here in Germany a species which is not identical with the only
known european Pachylepyrium (= funariophilum).
SINGER lists following species: fulvidula (Singer) Singer, nubicola
Singer in Dennis, carbonicola (A. H. Smith) Singer, squarrulosum Singer.
Any information is greatly thanked for!
I also would need the pages 44-45 from SMITH & HESLER (19??): The north
American Species of Pholiota. Can someone send my a copy via telefax?

Thank you all in advance for your efforts!

Andreas Gminder
agminder at  -  Fax: +49-711-724827

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