Fusarium oxysporum

Gary Donaldson garyd at unixg.ubc.ca
Sun Feb 8 23:25:58 EST 1998

I can recommend a number of publications which may be of interest to you:

Edel et al.  1995.  Phytopathology 85:579-585.
HC Kistler.  1997.  Phytopathology 87:474-479.
Kistler et al.  1991.  Phytopathology 81:331-336.
DJ Appel and TR Gordon.  1996.  MPMI 9:125-138.
TR Gordon and D Okamoto.  1992.  Phytopathology 82:73-77.
DJ Jacobson and TR Gordon. 1990.  Mycological Research 94:734-744.
Woudt et al. 1995.  Phytopathology 85:1348-1355.

... and couple of my own...

Donaldson et al. 1995. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 61:1331-1340.
Glass and Donaldson 1995.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology

You may also want to look at these references (what defines F. oxysporum as
a species?):
K O'Donnell.  1996.  Sydowia 48:57-70.
K O'Donnell and E Cigelnik.  1997.  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
Waalwijk et al.  1996.  Mycologia 88:361-368.
Waalwijk et al. 1996.  Sydowia 48:90-104.

Also there are several interesting papers by CM Liddell, PE Nelson, C
Windels, SW Peterson, JF Leslie, JC Correll, and DJ Jacobson and TR Gordon
all in Phytopathology 81 (1991).  This was a special section on recent
advances in Fusarium systematics which you may find interesting.

This should get you into the can of worms.  There are numerous other
references using RAPDs, nuclear and mitochondrial RFLPs, and with any luck
I'll have something written about AFLPs in F.oxysporum relatively soon.
I'll leave it to you to find these.

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Co Worker at IAM wrote in message <34DDF8E9.307E at mail.boku.ac.at>...
>Hello everybody. I am working on Fusarium oxysporum, trying to get some
>molecular markers using PCR techniques. Could anyone help
>me to find internet sites or receantly publications through which I can
>get more information. Thanks
>in advance
>Dr.Youssuf Gherbawy
>Yhassan at mailcity.com

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