Unidentified objects 0.5 micrometer - pollen, spores, other?

Dave Walker dave at diwalk.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 11:43:11 EST 1998


Could anybody help identify the mystery objects shown on this months
'Micscape' Web magazine at


The 'Image of the Month' page shows field emission microscope photos of
many structured objects 0.5 micrometer across seen on the hairs of a fly
leg (in the UK).

Nobody has yet been able to identify them or say whether they are eggs,
pollen or fungal spores or other. Are there species of 'plants' that
occur in the UK that have pollen or spores as small as 0.5 micrometre?
If not any other ideas about the nature of these objects?

As the fly was found on an internal windowsill is it possible much more
familiar larger pollen or spores could have dried out to this size and
adopted this wrinkled form.

Thanks for your help!


Dave Walker
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