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Details of the novel species will be sent on request.
How do you explain an unusual cellular subhymenium with isodiametric,
circular-oval cells in mature Termitomyces sp.
-Heim (1941,1952,1977) & Singer(1986) do not comment on this character
in termitomyceteae.
-Any suggestions?

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        Some novel Termitophilic agaricales occurring in Goa (India)

                   Nandkumar Kamat and Suneela Mavinkurve

     Department of Botany & Department Of Microbiology, Goa University,
                             Taleigao-Goa- India

The vegetation-rich, diverse landscape of the state of Goa is dominated by
the typical mounds built by the fungus growing higher termites. These mounds
during the season of South-West tropical monsoon (June-September) yield
harvests of edible termitophilic agaricales. During extensive survey of
agaric flora of this state large number of collections of termitophilic
mushrooms were made. From these collections, five novel and relatively rare,
undescribed taxa of termitophilic agaricales were identified. These include
the novel species Termitomyces santerei, T. gomantakiensis, T.lecithiformis,
a novel form T. clypeatus f. major and a novel variety T.robustus v.
solitaria. This paper describes these taxa and comments on some eco-climatic
and phenological aspects of fruiting of these agaricales .


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