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Fri Jan 30 20:22:59 EST 1998

Please do not email me asking to be deleted from this email list.
I have NO control over it.  In November or  October, I emailed to several
people an announcement about a new cultivation group.  This was NOT a new list
of email addresses, rather a way for people to sign for for a REAL list, not a
of email addresses.  Larry Evans  unfortunately posted information to EVERYONE
on the email list and TO USENET BIONET>MYCOLOGY  and included the
email addresses I had originally sent (and which I had no intention of ever
been duplicated).  Once the message was put on the USENET group, anyone and
everyone worldwide has access to the addresses, which is why many people are
posting to it.  Because the posters duplicate the email list by "cc"ing it (as
I am now doing), there is no control for deleting your particular email
address.  You are stuck, because anyone can copy it. 

 I would encourage you to just delete the messages. Or do like I am going to
which is change my email address.

If you are interested in a REAL list with much good info (which I have no role
other than I have tried to let people know about it),  send an email to the
following address with the word SUB in the message/subject field:
the+mycoculture-request at
(you need the whole address, from the the... thru  .com for it to work).

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