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Fri Jan 30 20:22:57 EST 1998

unsubscribe me, please.

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> Greetings!  Since, FUNGUS's demise, several people have expressed interest in
> an Internet mailing list dedicatyed to gourmet mushroom growing.  Bill Hunt,
> current chairman of the cultivation group within the Oregon Mycological
> Society,
> is offerring one now:  it is titled:  The+mycoculture-list     (this is the
> entire name of
> the list).  It will be restricted to cultivation of gourmet (but
> non-psychoactive)
> species and the subscribers MUST be familiar with basictechniques, as
> expounded
> in Stamets' books etc.  This is NOT a forum for "I just bought my first
> mushroom
> kit; now what do I do?".  There hasn't yet been written a charter for it; I
> have been
> bugging Bill to have us just start it.  Evenetually, hopefully, there will be
> FAQs for
> basic growing subscribers can read them PRIOR to posting
> questions.     Please consider subscibing...and pass this message on to some
> cultivation friends of yours who also might be interested.  PLEASE DO NOT
> post this message or any references to USENET bionet.mycology or other
> advertising sites.  The word will be spread when more of the "bugs" are
> worked
> out of the list.
> Ralph Arnold, formerly moderator of FUNGUS

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