fungal lytic enymes

Michael Thon mthon0 at
Wed Jul 15 00:32:16 EST 1998

Sigma's version of Novozyme 234 is nauseatingly expensive.  Recently I
used an enzyme called Glucanase for making protoplasts and it worked
great.  Other's have reported using glucanase in combination with other
enzymes.  I think the stuff is made by Novo Nordisk.  The only source I've
found in the US so far is from a company called Interspex.
Michael Thon
mthon0 at

In article <6nd7b5$2e3 at>, in5421 at (Neelam Grewal) wrote:

>I need some enzymes for making fungal protplasts,  any suggestions ?     I 
>can't find any NovoZym 234.

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