specific probe for fungi?

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> >Does anyone know about ssrRNA probe specific for Fungi?
> >
> Most researcher that I know, who work with DNA typing of fungi, use the rDNA
> sequneces, since it is very conserved. There are many papers on it - just look
> for rDNA and fungi in current contents. I hope this helps.
Try the following reference for a starting point:
White, T.J., Bruns, T., Lee, S., and Taylor, J.W. (1990).
Amplification and direct sequencing of fungal ribosomal RNA genes for
phylogenetics.  In PCR Protocols: A Guide to Methods and Applications
(Innis, M.A., Gelfand, D.H., Sninsky, J.J. and White, T.J. Eds.,
pp. 315-322. Academic Press Inc., San Diego, CA.


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