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> Dear Members,
> I need some information about Nutrient Requirements which must
> be added when some fungi (like Phanerochate or other degraders
> contaminant fungi) are added to the soil .
> Do you have any references about the most optimum organic or
> mineral nutrient (quantity and quality ) which can be added to
> the soil to accelerate the activity of these microorganisms in
> the bioremediation of contaminant chemical sites (in
> laboratory or field study).
> Are there any Web site dealing with this subject ?
> Thank you by advance

I presume you are speaking of P. chrysosporium. I have found this species
growing on dead filbert suckers locally, although it is reputed to grow well
on sterilized sawdust substrate also.

I seem to recall an article from The Oregonian newspaper about 1985-90
detailing findings from the Oregon Graduate Center on P.c's ability to
degrade/eat dioxin, PCP, DDT. When I looked into this, the fungus was grown
first on sawdust with contaminated materials added after the fungus had fully
colonized the substrate. The results were announced by Rep. Ron Wyden.

P.c. was found to degrade dioxin, PCP, and DDT within 3 days at 77-80 degrees

Other white wood-rotting fungi may have similar properties, such as Pleurotus,
Lentinulla, Hericium, etc.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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