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>Dear Fungus Freaks,
>  As a lad, I was always told that the cure for mold on cheese is just
>to slice it off; and the thinner the slice the better (to conserve
>  What's the truth?  How deep does cheese mold mycelium go?  How deep
>should I slice?  Should I just write the block off, chucking it out in
>abject horror?
>  By-the-way, I used to be an avid 'shroom hunter in Michigan (edibles:
>Scotch Bonnets, Coprinus, the occasional Agaricus.  Also, just scoping
>out the huge variety).  But now I live around Dallas (TX), with much
>less fungal beauty in evidence... B^(.

Whereabouts in Michigan?  I'm in Mt. Pleasant, about to move about an hour NW
in a month or so.  I used to get tons of boletes, coprinus (atramentarius and
comatus), agaricus, parasol (l. procerea iirc?) marasmius oreades, and *some*
lepista nuda, and occasional morels.  The l. nuda was probably my favorite
and I hope to grow them after we move.  I was in a bad car wreck several
years ago and that was the end of my forays.  The l. nuda seemed to be gone
before that, though.

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