Fate of Novozyme234?

Depree, Jonathan A depreej at lincoln.ac.nz
Tue Mar 10 00:30:34 EST 1998

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>From: jweiland at badlands.NoDak.edu (John J Weiland)
>Subject: Fate of Novozyme234?
>Date: 8 Mar 1998 17:13:18 -0800

>Hello All,

>This is being posted on the rumor that production of Novozyme234 might be
>phased out.  Just wondering if any other folks out there who make
>protoplasts from fungi have any word on whether production of Novozyme 234
>will be resurrected by Novo or will be pursued by another company. 

Anyone tried asking their local Novo agents about this?

Jonathan Depree,
Lincoln University, P.O. Box 84, Canterbury, New Zealand.

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