Help - Dangerous Mushrooms?

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Tue Mar 10 21:34:12 EST 1998

Julie Kwoon wrote in message <19980309183531.11794.qmail at>...
>My name is Julie Kwoon; I have some concerns with my grandparents that I
would appreciate some feedback on.
>I live in San Cruz and my family lives in Lafayette, east of San Francisco.
I personally have no interest in mushrooms but my grand parents, who are
both native born Vietnamese, often go out collecting wild mushrooms to eat.
When I visit I often go for walks with them.  I found out a few years' back
about the Amanita Phalloides and the Amanita Ocreata that grow around the
reservoir.  Since then I have worried every Winter/Spring about their
collecting habit. I have tried to get them to go to a local mycology meeting
so they can fully understand the threat but they speak little English and so
they refuse.  I have downloaded descriptions of the dangerous mushrooms to
educate them but I am still concerned.
>This season they say that they have not noticed Phalloides.  Are they
growing late?
>I have seen them pick all white mushrooms around Oaks.  They don't have
that little skirt just below the cap, on the stem, Does that mean they are
safe? i.e. not Ocreata
>They mainly walk around the Lafayette reservoir. Is there any areas I
should have them avoid or do they bloom everywhere that Oaks live.
>Worried till summer.
>Hi Julie!
Once you know a good mushroom its pretty hard to pick the bad ones.
Probably your Grandparents have spotted mushrooms that also grow in their
Go with them and enjoy the hunt.

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