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>>My name is Julie Kwoon; I have some concerns with my grandparents that I
>would appreciate some feedback on.
>>I live in San Cruz and my family lives in Lafayette, east of San Francisco.
>I personally have no interest in mushrooms but my grand parents, who are
>both native born Vietnamese, often go out collecting wild mushrooms to eat.
>When I visit I often go for walks with them.  I found out a few years' back
>about the Amanita Phalloides and the Amanita Ocreata that grow around the
>reservoir.  Since then I have worried every Winter/Spring about their
>collecting habit. I have tried to get them to go to a local mycology meeting
>so they can fully understand the threat but they speak little English and so
>they refuse.  I have downloaded descriptions of the dangerous mushrooms to
>educate them but I am still concerned.
>>This season they say that they have not noticed Phalloides.  Are they
>growing late?
>>I have seen them pick all white mushrooms around Oaks.  They don't have
>that little skirt just below the cap, on the stem, Does that mean they are
>safe? i.e. not Ocreata
>>They mainly walk around the Lafayette reservoir. Is there any areas I
>should have them avoid or do they bloom everywhere that Oaks live.
>>Worried till summer.
>>Hi Julie!
>Once you know a good mushroom its pretty hard to pick the bad ones.
>Probably your Grandparents have spotted mushrooms that also grow in their
>Go with them and enjoy the hunt.

I suspect many people have mis-identified leucoagicus naucina for amanita
verna by picking the stem and leaving the cup.  Likewise unopened amanitas
for puffballs.

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