City-bred MORELS in Vancouver, BC

nospam nospam at
Tue Mar 24 01:09:02 EST 1998

Two weekends ago, we were walking along a street downtown Vancouver,
when my wife spotted a beautiful patch of Morels in a garden bed. It was
beside a sidewalk and no more than 10 feet from the front window of a
trendy restaurant -- the type that would serve wild mushroom dishes.
There were about 50-100 very fresh ones there, some 2-3" tall, some
smaller, and all perfect and moist. We "whipped out" our credit cards,
and using them as knives, sliced off a nice bunch for our dinner. As we
were doing it, a waiter inside spotted us, came to the window to watch,
and shook his finger at us. We laughed and left quickly. They were
great. Those city-bred Morels have no bugs at all!

-- Paul

PS: We went back a couple of days later, and they were all picked. Guess
the chef found out.

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